What is recyclable?

Small plastic bottles smaller than 1.5 liter in volume, Small glass bottles smaller than 1.5 liter in volume (including wine bottles), Beverage cans.

I am a customer of the corporation how you provide the deposit?

Deposits are transferred directly to the bank account of the customer. (as part of the customer registration process of the Recycling Corporation's, each customer fills out forms and sends them to the customer service center, these forms include, among other things, bank account details).

Deposit paid for recyclable beverage containers given to the Corporation, in accordance with its procedures, from the first day to the 15th day (inclusive) of each calendar month will be transferred to the customer until the 25th of each such month.

Deposit paid for recyclable beverage containers which are given to the Corporation, in accordance with its procedures, from the 16th day of the month and until the end of that calendar month, will be transferred to the customer from the effective date until the 10th day in the next calendar month after that.

If the payment is scheduled to a date on which there is no bank trade or on a Saturday or holyday, the transfer will be conducted on the next business day.

I sell full beverage containers in my business (pub, restaurant), am I obligated to collect the deposit?

No. a business which sells beverage containers for local consumption is not required to collect the deposit and is not obliged to return the deposit fees.

Where to return beverage containers?

Beverage containers are returned to any business that sells full beverage containers of manufacturers and suppliers that sell beverage containers of that manufacturer. The business owner is not obligated to get a container of a manufacturer from which is does not buy beverage containers.

I have a large amount of beverage containers, where do I return them?

Merchants (eg shops, supermarkets, etc.) are required to accept beverage containers only from consumers. Namely, if you buy or collect beverage containers for business purposes, than the businesses are not obligated to accept your beverage containers.

Is the business owner obligated to return the deposit fees or whether he is entitled to provide credit in the sum of the deposit?

Business owners are obligated to return the deposit fees in cash in exchange for empty beverage containers.

What containers are included in the law?

The Deposit Law includes containers which volume is greater than 100 ml (0.1 liters) and smaller than 1.5 liters, the deposit law does not apply to:

* Beverage containers which volume is 1.5 liters and greater (Family)

* Containers of milk and dairy products

* Beverage paper containers and bags.

Where does the automatic beverage container collecting machines situated?

Click to detect the municipal station closest to your home.

Do the machines return cash money?

No. The machines issue a slip which specifies the payable deposit fee sum. This slip should be given to the business selling beverage containers near the machine and in exchange to receive that sum or to deduct it from shopping done at that business.

Who is serviced by ELA?

ELA services both businesses and manufacturers and exporters. The service provided by ELA to manufacturers is collection in exchange for transferring all the deposit fees that manufacturer/importer is selling. Businesses are provided by ELA with beverage container collection services.

I want to start collecting at school, what should I do?

Staring to collect at school is an easy task. You need to fill out the joining procedure downloadable from the site. Fax the procedure to the corporation's service center and obtain a customer number. Once you receive the school customer number you can enjoy the corporation's collection services for no charge.

Let's start collecting!

Our experience teaches us that some combined inner-school activity is required for successful collection:

1 Set quality and quantity targets and objectives such as 2,000 containers (600 NIS) per month in favor of green activity by the students' council.

2. Involve the students in choosing the objective for which the collection is done (it turns out that they know exactly what's good for them)

3. It is required to appoint a supervisor and several students who will conduct the physical collection from certain locations and drinking fountains at the schools or in the classes themselves.

4. Introduce an internal competition between classes and age groups.

5. Advertise the ethical and economic merits of the collection.

6. Conduct weekly reviews.

7. Invite the regional coordinator of the Ministry of the Environment for a lecture and don't forget to place accessories next to the podium.

Good luck!

At your service
The recycling corporation provides a telephone call center– 1-700-700-310

Days of operation:
Sunday to Thursday between 08:00 – 16:00
Fridays and holiday eve closed

The Service center is available to assist you with a wide variety of topics:
Joining the collection service
Ordering a bottle collection / collection equipment
Answering questions and inquiries

As part of its activity, the customer Service centerdirects consumer complaints regarding businesses that do not operate according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection's Deposit Law.
Customers of the ELA Recycling Corporation have a "personal reports" system at their disposal, which enables them to receive a status report of their account 24 hours a day.

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